2021 13th ACDS Notification of Abstract Acceptance and Application

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The 13th Annual Conference on Development Studies

University Outreach to Social and Regional Development in the Post-Pandemic Era
Notification of Abstract Acceptance and Application


Important Dates and Announcements

1.      Submission of Full Paper – 2021/10/07 (Sat.)
Presenting authors should submit their full paper and abstract by 07 October, 2021 in Word or pdf file to


2.      Submission for Paper Awards Participant – 2021/09/30 (Sat.)
There are two awards, respectively for Ph.D. students and M.S. students. Awards participants should submit their full paper and abstract by 30 September, 2021 to 


3.      Date & Venue of Conference – 2021/10/30 (Sat.) - 2021/10/31 (Sun.)
The conference is planning to be held at National Taipei University of Education (
國立臺北教育大學), further information will be announced along with the agenda.


4.      Registeration Fee 2021/10/07 (Sat.)

  • All presenting authors are required to pay the registeration fee by 07 October, 2021. At that time, your presentation will be dropped from the program if you are not yet registered with fees paid in full. If you have extenuating circumstances which would require later payment, please contact tads.tw@gmail.com to make arrangements prior to 07 October.

Lifetime TADS member


2021 Individual TADS member


2021 student TADS member


non-member, non-student presenter

NT. 500 dollars

non-member, student presenter

NT. 100 dollars


  • Registration fee for professors is NT. 500 dollars; for students is NT. 100 dollars. This fee will be excluded if the presenting author is a member of Taiwanese Association of Development Studies. (Find more about our membership application)

·       The fee should be transferred to our postal account:

Beneficiary Account: 50300719

Beneficiary Account Name台灣發展研究學會



·       All payments made need to be accompanied by proof of payment (i.e bank-in slip / copy of payment receipt) and your contact number, then email to tads.tw@gmail.com


5.      Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact tads.tw2021@gmail.com or tads.tw@gmail.com.


          2021 The committee of 13th Annual Conference of Development Studies

Contact person: 黃友廷 (Mr. Huang)

E-mail: tads.tw2021@gmail.com

Phone: +886-2-2732-1104 - 62237 or -62238



臺灣發展研究學會 Taiwanese Association of Development Studies

E-mail: tads.tw@gmail.com





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